Jonathan A. Mitchell
a constitutional conservative
U.S. Congress

Service to our country. Service to you!

I am a devoted American patriot and a dedicated Pipeliner in the Oil and Gas industry. My commitment to my work is fueled by a deep passion for contributing to the energy sector. My goal is not a long-term political career; rather, I aim to enact necessary changes and subsequently return to my career. The current disregard for the blue-collar class by politicians necessitates amplifying our voices. I am committed to holding corrupt officials accountable and advocating for the implementation of term limits.

Having grown up in Montgomery County, my values have been shaped by the community. I staunchly support the Second Amendment and uphold constitutional principles. Witnessing the transformation of our government, I seek your support to turn the dream of a better America into reality.

I envision an America where hardworking citizens are actively engaged, holding the government accountable. A vote for me is a commitment to an America that prioritizes its people. If these ideals resonate with you, cast your vote for Jonathan Mitchell in the TX-36 Primaries.

Join me in this endeavor by supporting and sharing. Stay updated through my posts, videos, and live sessions on the provided link. Together, let's strive for a better future.

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Statement by Jonathan A. Mitchell, Congressional Candidate for TX – 36 in Support of Startups and Inventors - Innovation in America
Startups and inventors produce new innovative products that grow the economy and create jobs for Americans. Unfortunately, the America Invents Act of 2011 and 4 key Supreme Court rulings have decimated the previously strong patent rights our Founding Fathers included in our Constitution.
Startups are under attack by Big Tech and the Chinese, using a non-judicial tribunal within the patent office, the PTAB. The PTAB has invalidated over 84% of duly issued patents brought before it.
I strongly support startups and independent inventors across America.
If elected, I will be a sponsor to the Thomas Massie’s - Restoring America’s Leadership in Innovation Act – HR 5874.
HR 5874 will eliminate the PTAB, restoring America to the pinnacle of global innovation once again.

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What are your goals as a representative?

Great question! My goal as a representative will be to ensure that America is given back to the people! We need our jobs brought back to U.S soil, we need to uphold the constitution and that starts with not infringing on our second amendment!

What do you want those you will represent to know?

I want everyone to know that I will work tirelessly to getting jobs back in our communities, making the oilfield a priority again, and ensuring that America is about all Americans,  not just a few. 

What made you decide to run for U.S. Congress?

The reason I decided to run for office is due to several reasons that caused a domino effect. It started with the covid pandemic and seeing our rights slowly being stripped away, then the 2020 election came and I watched states change their election laws Last minute. They did that unlawfully, and the audits are showing the fraud that took place. The straw that broke the camels back was Biden getting in office and shutting down the keystone pipeline. I can not sit back and allow our government to take our constitutional rights away, and with that I decided to fight back and run for office. 
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